For whom ITV tolls.
I like X Factor, but why does it insist on having 24hrs worth of programs around it? Oh - it's called ITV? Right.
ITV bosses claim that their channel is undeservingly mocked and that it is now back on everyone's lips thanks to their clever selectinng of some brilliant shows like X Factor and Murderland.
Has ANYONE heard of Murderland? Did someone just make this up on the spot? MURDER. LAND. A television program? I don't think so.
X Factor. That's what ITV is. X Factor. And nothing else. That's right. Not even that Trinity thing they overly promote on the adverts inbetween X Factor, which you might watch once because there are a couple of sexy actors in it.
After X Factor, ITV's biggest dog is probably Harry Hill's TV Burp, which is mildly amusing but requires its viewers to know the characters of every soap opera currently being aired.

HOWEVER. ITV 2. Now that's a different kettle of delish. Paris Hilton's BFF. Fearne Cotton meets herself again. Beat The Star while beating yourself over Vernon Kay. Now that's what I call telly.