foreign laptop and hair growth.

I'm on a friend's laptop, while she "won't be long" is upstairs getting ready. and on this laptop, wait for it..., you...., have to DOUBLE click to do things that on my laptop only requite ONE click. how mildly irritating. like, mozilla firefox - granted - that bitch requires some double clicking shit, but to type in an internet address..... no way. that's definitely one click city.

On an increasingly irritating vein, im growing my hair, and it takes time, but i want nice long hair now, and unlike katie price, i can't spend $15,000 on flying to LA to get beautiful little hair extensions.

I just flicked through this tiny weeny free mag called Little White Lies, which according to itself, is published from a top floor flat in a converted church by mainly men, and six times a year (yeah - i know), and they're banging on about some boy with tousled hair, who doesn't actually have tousled hair, but it reminded me that my hair needs to grow, so that i can mooch it around and seduce people even more effortlessly. also, this little white lies, or LWlies, mag is like fucking obsessed with carey mulligan, who as you know, was written about on The Jack of Hearts no less han six months ago. And these boys say they like independent film. pah.

come on anna... hurry up and get ready.