How shit is this new 'comedy' series called Campus?

Apparently Channel 4 sponsors original comedy, and yet their latest series Campus is neither original nor comedic. At first glance the program looks like an amateur parody of The Office, or perhaps Green Wing or Teachers, and then one realises that it isn't even a bad parody, but simply a very bad attempt at copying.

Set in a university, all of the male characters lack conviction, and one is supposed to be an English tutor, yet he uses hair gel, is mildly fake tanned and speaks like an absolute plank. Maybe that's part of the comedy? Well the best comedy is based on truth, and I'm pretty certain English tutors in universities, even shit ones, are nothing like this guy.

I'm happy that these actors have found some employment, but FUCK, the show they're in is SO bad. Who writes this slow, predictable, uneventful pathetic shit? I thought Horne and Corden was rock bottom for TV comedy, but clearly not. Embarrassing for the writers, I can't imagine even their mothers are proud of such thin drivel.