TV SHOW 1 /././././ Designersaurs.

Designersaurs is a cartoon for children that also enjoys an adult audience. The story revolves around four dinosaurs who drink cocktails, go shopping and discuss their love lives.

The main character, Caddybradosaurus is a serial blogger, who looks like a horse, but her friends don't know that because they don't exist yet. Her friend Mirandasaurus Rex is a lawyer. Dinosaur law mainly consists of territorial boundary disputes and cannibalism. Samantadaptor is a sex addict who works in a PR company, but inexplicably eats out every night of her life. Dinosaur PR consists mainly of managing communications between organisations and the public and the placing of exposure into third party outlets. Obviously. It's a big industry, and essential to existence.

The Designersaurs like to wear designer clothing like Stego McCartney and Diplodicus & Gabbbannnna (tripple B, quadruple N). Caddybradosaurus has a boyfriend called big. Presumably because he has a big cock.

Eventually a comet hits their community, killing the Designersaurs and their worldly possesions. One day their bones will be found and put together in an unflattering and inaccurate composition, before being exhibited in museums built by the new dominant species, humans, who live under a permanent Anna Wintour of discontent.