TV SHOW 3 ///////////// Elliot The Elevator.

Forget Thomas the Tank Engine. Elliot is an ELEVATOR. Elliot The Elevator follows the life and adventures of Elliot, an NCP car park elevator, (yes National Car Park Car Park) and his friends, chiefly Wesley the infrequently used Waterstones elevator, Marjorie the Marriot hotel elevator (who's bottom floor gives access to a swimming pool - a plot device that makes room for much comedy, especially when men in swimming trunks go to the WRONG FLOOR - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
And Edward, the Empire State building's elevator. Very arrogant he is. In Episode 1 Stephen Fry gets stuck in one of the characters and Tweets about the kerfuffle of it all.


Sex on a Mega Bus (.Com?)
Do people get laid on Mega Buses? Like, do you get sat next to hot people and they chat to you? Or is it all headphones and clouds of Lynx?


FACT 6 /////////// Everyone sells their sex in Dorset. Everyone.
Why is everyone in 3 (as in the ill-named phone network/store) called Gavin?

And why do they tell you that the phone you've picked is really good and they even use that phone themselves... they can't tell everyone that.. are they stupid?

Also, is it just me or are all of these people brought up really badly? Like, inconsistent eye contact, swarmy-marmy piny idiotic voices that unbelievably still succeed in being condescending. It's phenomenal.

Also, does anybody know anybody who works at 3 who can shave? I didn't think so.