On Twitter everyone is saying that Olympic diver Tom Daley is gay. Then everyone else is saying this is bullying. What's wrong with being gay? Have you seen his Dad on TV - I hope Tom's not gay because Dads like that sure as hell don't like it! Then on Twitter people said that Tom Daley and Lloyd Daniels would make a cute gay couple. Then there was Zoe Skinner's pop-up controversial post on how Danyl Johnson preyed upon Lloyd Daniels in the X-Factor house, which was taken down after Simon Cowell's injunction (another on top of the ever-growing pile). Then bloggers said that Lloyd Daniels was now Danyl Johnson's boyfriend, jailbate, bum bitch. It's too much man. Too much. Why are all the famous boy teenagers gay these days? Short Snappy Bright And Flashy is Omnisexual. It loves megabytes and space invaders and pitch black shower sex listening to T-REX. Oooh-La-La-La.
Justin Bieber, Tom Daley and Lloyd Daniels should star in their own teen reality TV series that explores sexuality. Maybe chuck Miley Cyrus and other fag idols in there too. Not Danyl Jonhson though, he should leave the blond teenagers to grow up in peace really and stick to his karaoke pulling tactics.