IT'S OK NOW! Ignore this rambling blog post below. The Beef Tom Priaw & Rice Noodles dish IS STILL GLUTEN FREE, they just accidentally printed the wrong labels at EAT. Phew!

Every Thursday for about three months I've been eating the Tom Priaw Beef and Rice Noodles hot pot from
EAT (a highstreet food chain of which there are a lot in Britain and probably elsewhere).

But today I noticed they've suddenly added GLUTEN to the allergy information on the shelf label and also printed it on the back of the pot. Does this mean EAT have been selling me a glutinous product without telling me that it contained gluten for several months? Whilst it doesn't kill me to eat gluten it can trigger other serious internal problems that might not materialise into noticeable symptoms for some time.

In which case should I take legal action against EAT?

The only alternative suggestion is that they've suddenly started whisking sachets of Gluten into their Beef and Rice Noodles tubs or using the same machinery that handles other glutenous dishes? If so then this is not only incredibly lazy, but really inconsiderate to their customers - as this is the only hot pot that was Gluten free that EAT sell. The only other things they sell are far-fetched soups and giant doorsteps of bread containing cheese and onions.

Considering this is a very overpriced rip-off dish (£5.25 for some hot water and shreds of beef) the only reason I bought it was because it assured me it was Gluten-free, and the hot watery beef vibe is quite tasty. But for such an expensive product they should really take the effort to make it clean from gluten. YOU DO NOT NEED BREAD TRACES IN A HOT WATER, EGG NOODLE AND BEEF SOUP!

Of course my £5.25 across a whole year only amounts to about £260 so it's not like EAT care. Still, don't underestimate the Gluten-free brigade - we are a sizeable group with some serious clout (so much so that we even have a Gluten-free fish and chip shop restaurant in Leicester Square)

As a wheat intolerant person lunchbreak is the trickiest part of the day, because most Britons are happy to stuff their face with bread for lunch, or eat something pre-packaged with glutinous sauces and flavour enhancers.

Back to Sainsbury's it is then! For those who don't know, Sainsbury's rule the roost when it comes to Gluten-free options.